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Hoop earrings

Every jewelry box should contain at least one pair of hoop earrings. A simple design but one that is so versatile they will literally go with every outfit in your wardrobe. If you are a hoop earring novice, start with fine gold hoops and then work up to include a pair of mid-sized chubby hoops for everyday wear. Then, add hoops with colour or embellished with jewels which will add elegance for that special occasion and after dark looks.

A chain necklace

This has been one of the biggest jewelry trends out there now and it isn’t going anywhere. There is necklace to suit every style and budget from the embellished gold chain with textural links to chunky styles. Chains work best when worn casually, layer two or three over a white t-shirt or tank top or add interest to knits as the weather gets colder. Bigger styles look great with strappy dresses and tops. Try it and see, it will be your new go-to.

A diamond bracelet

This piece of jewelry wins the award for the hardest working piece in any jewelry collection. Its smart enough for the office and glamourous enough for a dressed-up affair, and they never go out of style. Whether you simply wear one bracelet for a minimal look or stack them for impact, they will always look amazing.


A classic watch

A watch is the finishing touch that makes every outfit complete and the ultimate everyday accessory. While a watch wardrobe is a great thing to own so you have one to match every occasion, if you are starting out a round dial watch is universally flattering and will suit everyone and every outfit, while square or rectangular dial is the epitome of elegance. Whichever colour metal you go for, invest in the best materials and craftmanship that your budget allows.

Coloured gemstones

There’s something about adding colour to an outfit with the jewelry you’re wearing. Coloured gemstones are having a moment and whether its rubies, emeralds, or rainbow-coloured sapphires these colours will brighten your complexion not to mention your outfit. The best way to decide which gemstones are for you, is to look which shade brightens your complexion the most. Once you get that right, you will always get noticed and feel special when wearing them. A big trend now is multi-coloured, so if you are feeling indecisive this time is for you.

A cocktail ring

The simple joy of a cocktail ring is that you only need a single piece to make a statement. Traditional rings feature a large-coloured gemstones accentuated by diamonds and are usually worn on the right hand. A symbol of independence and self-love they really are one of the best evening accessories, but who’s to say they can’t be worn during the day with jeans, a t-shirt and relaxed blazer.

Jewelry has always had a sentimental value, and whether it’s a gift or you buy it for yourself it will last forever. Here’s how to build a capsule jewelry wardrobe that you’ll wear year after year, however much the fashion changes around you.

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