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Beauty on vacation

Pack right and you’ll never have to worry about the weight limit in your carry-on again. Here are the smart beauty buys for the traveling summer days ahead.

Once your outfits are picked out, the next and most important step is narrowing down your beauty products. If you’ve waited until the last minute to figure out your vacation beauty rotation, here we give you some ideas on what you need for the different types of holidays.

Beach Picks

City Picks

Outdoor Picks

Staycation Picks

Top packing tips

+ Keep your makeup routine short and simple while traveling. Pack multipurpose products to save time, space, and weight.

+ Pack palettes. These will give you options for day and night looks and some include everything you need from eyes, cheeks, and lips, so you won’t need to pack anything else.

+ Micellar water is great for cleansing on the go and will remove makeup. Most formulas contain hydrating ingredients so they will give skin a moisture boost at the same time.

+ A tinted moisturiser with SPF makes a great alternative to foundation when you’re on holiday. Not only does it save on packing two products, but it both protects and gives coverage to the skin leaving it fresh-faced.

+ Sunscreen is a must wherever you go. A high-quality face and body sunscreen with a minimum SPF30 is an essential travel beauty product. The sun’s rays can cause sun damage to the skin even on cloudy days.

+ A soothing after-sun lotion will save your skin if you do burn, it's super hydrating so no need to take a separate body lotion.

+ For when you don’t have the time or desire to wash your hair, invest in a dry shampoo to prevent your hair from getting too oily.

+ If you are spending all day by the beach and pool embrace those salty, beach waves by making them more defined with a texturising spray.

+ Keep those germs away during your trip with a hand sanitizer. A handbag essential wherever you are these days.

+ Perfume bottles are not worth their weight so pack a roll-on fragrance instead. This will keep things light and keep you feeling luxe when you’re on the move.

+ Don’t forget hair bands, bobby pins and a clip or two. You always forget these items but then wish you had. Great for any hair emergency or just a hair style change.