Whatever your office vibe, subtle but flattering hair and makeup that stays in place and looks good is always a winner. With these simple tips you’ll be able to go back to work looking polished with minimal effort and skill required.

Clean your skin

The key to great skin most of the time is quite simply a good skincare routine. If you want to have the glow without the grease, get your selection of products right. While overloading the skin may seem like the best way to get it looking hydrated and glowy, excess product can cause congestion. One of the most effective things you can do to keep skin looking fresh is to cleanse and exfoliate. Wash your face in the shower every morning with a facial wash and use a granulated scrub three times a week. This will instantly get rid of dead skin and keep your skin fresh. Stay hydrated with a good solid option like a hyaluronic moisturiser and apply after cleansing before you head out the door every day.

Give your eyes a boost

If your eyes take a while to depuff and you suffer from dark circles you will need to invest in an eye product to keep them looking perky. Go for a soothing eye cream with calming extracts like aloe vera or chamomile to ease inflammation. The only way to help dark circles is to conceal them, so using a concealer wand under the eye will help to hide the darkness. Apply after your eye cream and don’t worry, no one will know. 

5 ways to look polished for the office

Hide blemishes

If you keep your skin clean you are halfway there at reducing blemishes that pop out of nowhere, but you will need to treat them with a concealer or spot treatment during the day to help prevent them from looking red and sore. The best products have creamy textures that blend seamlessly into the skin and are infused with spot-fighting ingredients like tea tree, and oil absorbing zinc and clay. Look for a built-in sponge applicator as its easier to blend into the skin and cover spots perfectly.

Groom your beard

If a beard isn’t your thing, and you shave, just make sure you don’t do it five minutes before heading out the door. This will give your skin time to settle and if you nick your skin while shaving, it will heal. There’s nothing worse than a bloody chin on your way to work. For beards always keep them well-groomed. This means using a trimmer and a finishing product, so your beard will not only look good but smell great too. Plan and get to the barbers regularly if home-maintenance isn’t your thing. 

Tame your hair

Whatever your style the first grooming must-do is to make sure it’s clean for the office. Not only does greasy hair smell, but it will look lacklustre and lank too. If you feel your hair goes fluffy the day you wash it, then it’s all down to using the right products to stop it feeling silky and floppy. Start by using a texturing shampoo and conditioner as this will add some grit to the hair from the start and if frizz is your problem, use a leave-in conditioner instead with a little bit of hair serum. A hair paste or clay will add definition and hold whereas salt and texturising sprays will bring out natural waves and volume to the hair. 

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