• Materiale: 85% genanvendt polyester - repreve 15% spandex

Cute sun hat from MINI A TURE. Hat is made in material with sun protection UV50. The hat has a brim at the front and a longer brim at the neck. The hat has elastic at back for better fit. The sunhat is made in REPREVE - recycled polyester. A fabric made from plastic found in the ocean.

Certificeringsikonet omfatter alle produkter, der er blevet certificeret af tredjeparter. Et certificeret produkt betyder, at det har gennemgået en særlig auditeringsproces, der kan certificere, at det overholder sociale og/eller miljømæssige standarder. Det kan også bevise produktets overlegne kvalitet.
Om brandet
children should be free, confident and happy. Free to be who they are and to speak up — for themselves and others. Free to move and to playfully embrace the world with an open  mind. All children should feel accepted and be encouraged to believe in  themselves. Small is Free.  We are inspired by the imagination of children. Their sense of creativity and the  curiosity they possess. How they create surprising universes and tell quirky stories that  do not always make sense.  We advocate well-dressed children expressing themselves stylishly on their own terms.  We do not compromise on either fashion-edge or freedom to move. The small details  truly matter — adding sophistication and quality.  We cherish the childhood memories. The scraped knee, the tree house smell, the sense of  snowflakes melting on your tongue.

Mini A Ture

Gustas Hat, B - Solhat


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