How do I delete my account?

If you wish to delete your account go to My Boozt -> My Profile -> Delete Account.

Within a couple of minutes we will send a confirmation email where you need to approve this.

Not all information is deleted where a continues processing is required.

Boozt and you as the customer has rights and legitimate interests that we have to safeguard. Added to this is the legal requirement that information about you must be stored at Boozt for a certain time. Below we have as clearly as possible stated which information that is still being processed after your request and confirmation of deletion. If you have any questions regarding this, please let us know.

Legal obligations (6.1.c GDPR)
• Boozt need to save some data to meet its accounting obligations, such as appendices (invoices, receipts, etc.) which describe and confirm business transactions between you and us. The data are stored seven years after the calendar year where the transaction occurred.

Contractual requirements (6.1.b GDPR)
• Information about purchases you made with us are processed in order for Boozt to fulfil its contractual obligations (through our sales and delivery conditions), such as our extended return policy up to 30 days.

Important interests for you and for Boozt (6.1.f GDPR)
• Boozt has a legitimate interest to take responsibility for our products, also in regard to law, judgment or decision from authorities, if we need to communicate information to you about product alerts and product recalls (in case of a defect or a dangerous product). Therefore, your contact information is deemed necessary for the period in relation to the lifetime value of the product.
• To be able to exercise your rights by consumer legislation, even if you do not have your receipts, Boozt save details of your purchases, where, for example, the deadline for claim and withdrawal has not expired.
• Boozt are also entitled to continue to process the information about you to defend legal claims in case of dispute, but in that case, only as long as justifiable reasons persist in view of the processes and time frames for a possible appeal.
• To maintain Boozt’s generous terms for both purchases and returns Boozt needs to continuously monitor our Fair Use Policy, which you receive information about and approved by our sales and delivery conditions. You can read more about Fair Use and the Privacy Statement that occurs in our Privacy Policy (link). In connection with the deletion, we can, depending on your previous purchasing behaviour, save a certain information about you for a while.

Name and contact information are processed in order to maintain any approved blockage. The order and return history are processed in order to assess a possible violation of the Fair Use policy, respond to questions and objections concerning the assessment in the event that led to a blockage, and to request re-evaluate of the assessment.

Some information may also be retained in our backup files, which are automatically deleted after 1 month.

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