What payment options do you accept?

You can choose from paying with Credit/debit card, Paypal and/or a store credit and Gift card.

Credit/debit card: When your order has been placed, your card will be authorised and you will receive an e-mail confirming that your order has been successful. Payment will be taken when the order is dispatched and shipped from our warehouse. If your card is not authorised the payment will not go through and you will immediately get notified with an error message. Please remember that even if a payment is not authorised, some card issuers may still reserve the money, meaning you will not be able to access that amount of money for a short while.

Card-payment with 3D Secure: From January 2021 online card payments are being made more secured due to a new EU directive. This means you will asked to authenticate your payment through 3D Secure (also named Verified by VISA or MasterCard Secure depending on your card). This process is owned by your bank and if you experience any issues authicanting your payment, please reach out to your bank.

Store Credit: Your store credit is valid for two years and you will find the value of it in the e-mail sent to you with the code. In order to pay with your store credit code at checkout, write the code in the field for store credit and apply it on your order. A store credit can not be registered after an order is completed. To make a purchase for a larger amount than the value of the store credit, you can use another payment method to cover the difference. The value of the store credit is divided evenly over all products and any other payment method covers the rest. It is not possible to use more than one store credit in the same order, but you can combine two codes into one in MyBoozt. After a purchase, the remaining value of your store credit can be used, with the same code, at another order. If you return goods, you will be refunded with a new store credit code or partially refunded in store credit and partially cash, depending on the payment chosen at purchase. A store credit can never be exchanged to cash.

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