7 ways to buy gifts 
with a meaning


Buying a gift that expresses your truest feelings isn’t easy. But when you get it right, the joy they show is totally worth it. With these keepsakes, they will cherish for years to come and will always think of you. Here’s how to find a meaningful gift that will last.

1. Personalise jewellry to reflect their birthday with a zodiac sign necklace.


2. Switch up an everyday candle to one that comes with a message written on the front.


3. Treat them to a luxurious bathrobe and get their initials sewn onto the front.


4.  If their pet is the way to their heart, a little dog coat or jumper will make them smile.


5. Make the earrings they wear every day even more special by choosing ones with their initials instead.


6. Make everyday items like hand sanitizer, shopping bags, and drink bottles special again by shopping for ones with little messages written on them.


7. Daily affirmations always add a moment to your day, even better when they are written onto something you wear.

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