6 ways to make your home cosy



While it might be cold and dark outside, you can banish the misery using the magic of light to create that warm and cosy haven in your home. Soft, diffused light works best in creating a warm and cosy atmosphere so go for globe lamps to cast a diffused light in your space. Choose lamps or pendants with a brushed brass or gold accent that helps to reflect the warm metallic hue around the room and turn off the harsh overhead lights and invest in table lamps that you can move around the room instead. Table or side lamps in each corner of the room will create a warm glow that’s spread out and lighting on window ledges will also up the cosy vibe. 

ADD candlelight

Who doesn’t love a candle, not only do they cast a cosy glow to warm up a space, but if you go for a scented version, you will add another touch to the room. Spread out the light by dotting clusters of them around the room and mix tea lights, with church and column candles to add a bit of drama. Don’t forget scent plays a major cosy role too. Woody aromas or warm exotic scents will transport you from the cold and create a cosy, relaxed atmosphere. Scented candles are an obvious choice, but scent diffusers, room sprays an incense work well too.



MAKE IT YOUR own style


One of the ultimate ways to create cosiness is to turn your house into a home with your own personal style. For it to feel perfectly cosy, it must feel like your own which can be achieved by decorating and styling it as you want.  Whether that’s filling your fireplace with your favourite collection of vases and ornaments, piling your coffee table with books that inspire you or, filing your windowsills with plants, make your home your own and then the cosiness will come.



Rugs on wooden or uncarpeted floors instantly make the space feel cosier but layering rugs on top of carpet adds a new texture and the shaggier and softer the rugs are, the cosier it will make your home feel. Not only do they keep in the heat, but it makes it better walking around barefoot, although who can resist a pair of cosy sheepskin slippers in winter. You can even mix these up depending on the seasons. In the warmer months go for jute and kilim rugs whereas in winter swap out for sheepskin, wool, and high pile versions.



ADD textiles


Cushions, throws and blankets are the ultimate way to up the cosy factor in your home. Pile them high on sofas, beds, chairs, and even larger floor cushions around your coffee table. Experiment with different textures, fabrics, and designs for maximum impact. Fabrics like velvet and chenille add opulence while sheepskin and wool add instant texture and warmth.

Blankets and throws are perfect for wrapping yourself up in as you curl up on the sofa or across your bed for warmth and texture. Cashmere is the ultimate splurge and investment, but wool, mohair and velvet are just as cosy. Mix patterns to keep it interesting.

Combat the seasonal blues by creating a cosy home that can be your sanctuary during the winter months. Here’s how to do it the easy way.

COSY clothing


We all love to lounge indoors in winter so there’s no better time to hunker down in your cosiest loungewear. A pair of sheepskin, wool or shearling slippers are essential in cosy living alongside a cosy knit jumper and leggings. Loungewear (think sweatpants and jumper) whether it’s made of cashmere, wool, or cotton is the ultimate to your next Netflix binge and will instantly make you feel cosier at home.