Marie Jo

Since 1981, Marie Jo has been creating the perfect-fit and fashion forward lingerie which honors and empowers women. It’s their mission to make every woman feel on top of the world, like she can handle anything every time she wears her Marie Jo, one where self-assurance starts underneath. With beautiful lace, refined embroidery, and surprising, trendy designs, their collections always present unique combinations. With clashing fabrics and prints, and original prints with sophisticated details that add the finishing touch Marie Jo designs are always surprising. The underwire is covered in a soft sleeve to prevent poking and the straps feel super soft to the touch. They design, test, and alter each bra to create the perfect fit and the best comfort without having to sacrifice on fashion.

“Marie Jo makes me feel comfortable and self-assured.”

“I feel more feminine, it feels like it gives me an invisible strength.”

“Wearing a matching well fitted lingerie set gives me that extra little power and sparkle, which I feel during the day, tackling the rush in the morning but also during my job,” she says.

Lingerie that fits like a glove

Creating stylish lingerie with a superior fit for women with a larger cup size – that is the mission of luxury lingerie brand PrimaDonna. With its stunning lingerie that fits like a glove it boosts self-esteem and makes women feel confident and proud about their femininity. For more than a hundred years, the PrimaDonna team in the studio in Belgium has passed down its passion for the craft to design lingerie that promises unrivalled comfort and support. Every day, PrimaDonna pushes past its creative and technical limits to translate the latest trends into wearable lingerie for women with a larger cup size.

Style has no cup size

Every season PrimaDonna’s designers create new collections inspired by the latest fashion trends and translate them into designs for larger cup sizes. They always have the same goal in mind: allowing the wearer to radiate confidence in lingerie with a superior fit and a flattering, feminine look simply because your cup size should not keep you from wearing whatever lingerie style you want. In the PrimaDonna lab their designers and engineers push boundaries to be able to create the most edgy, sexy, and daring lingerie styles with an amazing fit for the larger cup size.

“When we started PrimaDonna, there was a desperate need for a larger cup size. Lingerie that offered good support but that looked stylish too. We are committed every day to make women feel good about themselves and to boost their confidence,” 

Lingerie as we know is a very personal endeavour so choosing the right set is very important. Here we go behind the brands of Marie Jo and PrimaDonna, two of the most stylish lingerie brands to inspire you to shop.

They never compromise on fashion nor fit

Thankfully with PrimaDonna you don’t have to choose between comfort and fashion simply because you have a larger cup size. They understand how disappointing it can be to fall in love with a beautiful set and then find out it doesn’t come in your size. They are passionate about making all lingerie trends wearable for all women, no matter what their size is and for more than 100 years, this passion and craftsmanship has been passed on from generation to generation in their atelier in Belgium.


The difference between good and perfect is 1mm, 


High quality technical design

The PrimaDonna bra contains at least 45 components and can be available in up to 69 different sizes, so the perfect fit and support in every size is only a matter of millimetres, calculated by their team of designers, pattern makers and material engineers.

They constantly push their technical and creative limits, to improve their designs and fit, many of which are now patented. PrimaDonna have been studying women’s bodies and listening to their feedback about lingerie for more than 100 years in their atelier and fitting rooms, so every new bra design is tested and worn by their tested panel of women with different cup sizes and body types. It's this feedback that helps them to constantly improve the fits, so their bras always feel as if it was tailor-made. It takes 18 months, from the first designer's sketch to the moment a bra can be tried on.


Behind the brand: 
Marie Jo and Prima Donna

Marie Jo & My Invisible Force campaign

In celebration of their 40th birthday, Marie Jo has created a new non-cliché lingerie campaign - Marie Jo My Invisible Force - to celebrate this milestone. The idea started with questioning the consumers and listening to them: How they feel in their lingerie and their answers inspired them to look at their campaign images from a different angle: What do you see and feel when you’re wearing Marie Jo and you look in the mirror?

Listening to these women, and truly understanding them, and always putting their best interests first in their designs is what makes Marie Jo. With this campaign there is no lingerie model lying on a bed, looking sensually into the camera. Instead, you see a self-assured woman, who is fully (and fashionably) dressed, looking at her reflection in a mirror, happy with what she sees. This campaign aims to surprise women and put a smile of recognition on their face. She sees and feels the effect of her Marie Jo lingerie both on her body and her mind. It is her invisible force’.
Farah El Bastani – a Dutch Fashion Stylist - sets the tone for this campaign with her what My Invisible Force is all about.

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