If you had to describe Pernille Blume in three words it would be feminine, strong and a well-balanced athlete who knows at age of 27 when to take time out. It was this time out back in 2016 that she says won her a medal at the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and what keeps her on the right track now. “I just lost my way with swimming and didn’t feel very independent, like I couldn’t stand up for myself,” she says of that time. But, when she came back, she was stronger than ever, mentally, and physically. “I felt like I trusted myself again and discovered my way of being in the sport.”

She says she’s a very optimistic person and while life gets overwhelmingly busy sometimes, she has learnt to have balance. “I’ve learnt to live through the flow of life, my body and my mood so I can handle these times.” It’s also her passion for yoga and regular practice that gives her space and inner calm and the energy to take on whatever comes at her.

It’s this love of life that attracted Boozt to Pernille, and how she combines the dedication of being an Olympic swimmer with living a normal everyday life. “I love just hanging out with my friends, walking around Copenhagen and spending Sundays relaxing with Netflix and a takeaway.”  


Favourite food to cook
I love to cook Italian food. I just love Italy and the Italian way of cooking. It’s just so tasty but so simple at the same time.

Favourite beauty product
Lip balm. My lips are always so dry.

Favourite series
I’m loving Downton Abbey right now. I just love the whole vibe of it.

Favourite perfume
I always wear Mon Guerlain and I have done for many years now.

Favourite home buy
I love cups. I have the Bloomingville Bea mug from Boozt and I just love it!

Dream holiday destination
I would love to go to Tahiti or Bora Bora. Snorkeling and diving would be heaven there.


When it comes to her personal style, Pernille says she’s always been into colour and adds a feminine touch to the way she dresses. But, while her love of all things glittery and sparkly reigns there is another part of her that likes that Scandinavian minimalistic style “almost boyfriendish”, she says. “I would say I have a simple style as I like things to be easy, which it kind of has to be when I have busy life.” 

Like most people when they dress, it is a matter of how you feel in the moment that dictates what you wear, but Pernille says that she loves how she can tap into the feminine universe with pink and rosy colours but at the same time wear her fiancé oversized blazer. “I just love how you can wear it with a pair of jeans and boots or over sports clothes and you just feel and look amazing.” For a special night out, Pernille loves a jumpsuit and her high waisted PU leather trousers. “They give such a nice daring expression, and you can wear them with a simple body and a colourful blazer. I have this pink blazer that I’m in love with right now. Light pink is definitely my favourite colour.”

You can see Pernille’s health and vitality shining through on her skin- thanks to all those hours of swimming and yoga - but she says it’s not easy “as the chlorine dries out your hair and skin, so I always use a hair cream and oil and avoid using heated appliances to keep it in good condition,” she says, adding that a serum with hyaluronic acid and anything from Ole Henriksen are some of her favourites when it comes to skincare. “I love his Banana Bright Eye Creme. I also love the Tromborg Face Oil Anti-Stress and the Weleda Skin Food; they are just so nice on my skin.” As for her makeup, she keeps to a low-key routine, but says that a concealer, mineral powder, a plum- coloured lipstick, and mascara are her go-to's when she does wear makeup. “I love how the mineral powder blends into my skin with concealer, especially when I have the Weleda Skin Food on my face and if I do wear a lipstick, I wear plum colours as I feel it gives an edge to my face.”

Pernille’s feminine vibe transfers to her home space too. “My apartment has a summer house feel, it’s very feminine and cosy, you can definitely see it’s a woman that lives here,” she laughs. While her Copenhagen apartment is small, she likes to keep things minimalistic so as not to overcrowd it. “I can’t have too many things otherwise it will look cramped, but I have a lot of candles and vases dotted around to keep it soft which goes really well with my rosy pink and exposed brick walls in my bedroom,” she says.

I think you’ll agree, it will be nice to see more of Pernille Blume over the coming months at Boozt. We sure hope that her happy vibes inspire you to shop across category as she certainly has us hooked. A pink blazer has already been added to cart. 

Pernille Blume is a Danish Olympic freestyle swimmer who splits her time between Marseille in France and Copenhagen. When she’s not doing laps up and down the pool and busy winning medals, she spends her time practicing yoga and taking time out with her fiancé, fellow swimming Olympian Florent Manaudou. Pernille will be a Boozt ambassador and together with us, she will show you our selections along with her favourites from Boozt. Here we chatted to the swimming star about life in and out of the pool, how she likes to decorate her home and her favourite beauty and fashion buys.

“I love just hanging out with my friends, walking around Copenhagen and spending Sundays relaxing with Netflix and a takeaway.”  

“I have this pink blazer that I’m in love with right now. 
Light pink is definitely my favourite colour.”

“I love Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Creme.”


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