New denim trends

Our stylist Rikke Wackerhausen tells Boozt how to update your denim wardrobe. From slouchy shapes, jumpsuits, to darker washes there is plenty of new denim to update your wardrobe in the coming months.

I think it’s safe to say that denim has for a long while been a staple piece in the wardrobes of many, and for a good reason. It’s a classic and it will always be a big part of our daily wardrobe. However, change is always welcome. It might seem daunting at first glance, but there is more to denim than your typical jacket or pair of jeans. 

Upgraded denim has come to stay, and every new season we see designers new twist on denim. This spring you will see a lot of embroidery on denim pieces. It is the obvious choice if you’re trying to have a little more fun with your way of styling denim looks.

“It’s casual, comfortable and is the go-to everyday garment. Whether we’re talking about a top or bottom, denim works in almost all cases - also what makes it so incredibly convenient”

Key trends

+ Jeans will be looser and ripped. This year expect to see more distressed versions for an even more ‘90s feel.

+ Dark washes. While faded ‘90s washes were popular last year, for 2022 you can expect to see dark indigo denim make a comeback. Spotted on the runways, dark washes prove that it’s the coolest and easiest way to make denim feel smart and more polished. Jumpsuits are having a moment in this wash.

+ It’s all about slouchy jeans too. A wide-leg shape with a long inseam that hits the ground, so consider this as the most important pair of jeans to invest in. It’s all about the slouchy, comfortable so get into it. Pair your perfectly slouched denim with anything from grunge tees to flouncy blouses.

+ Tailored denim. From nipped-in jackets to dresses, tailored denim is hot this spring. So, if you’re looking to smarten up your denim wardrobe, then you’ll love the structure of this look.

+ Double-triple denim. We all know how much a great pair of jeans is the building block of any wardrobe, but it always looks especially cool when paired with a denim shirt or matching jacket. There’s also nothing simpler than throwing on a coordinating set for maximum impact.

+ Midi skirts. A midi denim skirt is a classic, and great to wear as the weather warms. Simply add a matching jacket and heels for a directional take on denim.

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