Modern Prep With Tommy Hilfiger

For a brand that pioneered ‘prep with a twist’, Tommy Hilfiger is now leading the charge with the reinvention of preppy codes and aesthetics. Back in the ‘90s preppy was related to a young person who wore tweed blazers, boat shoes and sweater vests, often worn by well-to-do New Englanders, but today, the new modern prep is less about a uniform and more about individuality. Today it displays confidence and a playful reinterpretation of preppy, with its wearers choosing clothes that nod to the traditional way of dress but applying them to their personal style. Here five influencers show their personal take on how to style modern prep with Tommy Hilfiger for the new generation.

Celebrating self expression through style

1. How would you describe your style? Street/Classic? 2. How do you style yourself uniquely? 3. Where do you get your inspiration from? 4. Can you spot Preppy in your style? (Prince of Belair/Gossip Girl/Clueless Style) 5. Does your personality reflect your style? 6. Do you use your style to express yourself?

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