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  • 75% polyuretaani, 25% polyesteri
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Kids today don’t want it to be as cool as adults. They wanted to be cool on their own terms; active, strong-willed and free to explore a world of adventure. That’s why Diesel kid has its own unique identity. At Diesel kid, jeans symbolize the perfect childhood where a bit of wear and tear is not only expected, but desired. The clothing combines strength and comfort with great design, using forms and colors inspired by the imaginary world of kids and driven by three main themes which evolve from one season to another: rock, military and denim.




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42.50 €85 €Säästät 42.50 €
Ilmainen palautus Ilmainen palautus 30 pv
Nopea toimitus 1-4 arkipäivää Ilmainen toimitus yli 59€ tilauksista