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How to host the best summer party

From cosy sundowners to long lunches and dinners, spending as much time outside is pure joy in the warmer months. Here’s how to create the perfect summer party to entertain alfresco in style.

Be generous with the table decor

Start by imagining the overall scene and explore ways of making your dining space distinctive and personal to you, just like you would your interiors. If you favour the boho aesthetic, a long low table with a linen tablecloth decorated with lots of flowers from the garden and simple food will perfectly set the scene. Patterned plates always up the fun factor and make a playful table setting. If you love minimalist design, a simple elegant summer table will suit you. Think white plates, silver cutlery, elegant glassware, and a gorgeous flower as a place setting. A statement tablecloth will take the table to the next level and candlesticks will make the dinner or lunch feel more special and beautiful.

Set a drinks station

A drinks station that looks elevated will make maximum impact. Setting up a bar with coloured champagne coupes, wine, and water glasses feels super-special, warm, and elegant. Elevate it even further by adding layers of linens. The minute you go from basic white to something patterned, it feels great.

Lighting is key

It’s all about creating the right ambiance outdoors as the sun goes down. It instantly elevates the atmosphere and makes guests feel relaxed. A string of fairy lights adds a romantic touch and portable lighting dotted around the table and outside space will give a lovely glow. Lanterns are a great way of burning candles outside, but chandeliers and candelabras will add a dramatic touch. Hanging candles in holders on trees or glass jars with tea lights on a path will light the way.

Don’t forget the details

This is all about bringing the inside out. Things like fans to keep you cool in the mid-day sun and blankets to keep you warm in case it gets chilly in the evening are lovely small details that your guests will always appreciate. Comfy chair cushions and a lightweight rug under the table will add texture and improve the overall aesthetic.

And lastly…wear something chic and comfy.

Pick something you can move in. You want to be able to sit comfortably and you don’t want to feel self-conscious about what you are wearing. And, if the moment arises, be able to dance in. As for hair and makeup, keep it simple but with a hint of sparkle and maybe a bright lip. Finish your look with playful earrings and a spritz of your favourite scent.