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Our stylist Rikke Wackerhausen tells Boozt what’s inspiring her at the moment and how to inject colour into your wardrobe this spring.

This time you have to leave prints and patterns out – it’s all about solid monochrome colors. A suit is great and easy to wear and simply add a pair of shoes and socks in a contrast colour. Here are my top tips.

/ Create a color block look by using four different solid colors.
/ Leather is so beautiful in colors so go for a full leather look or mix the leather pants with a little knit or the leather shirt with a denim – it’s so easy and looks so expensive.
/ Buy your sneakers (sneakers we are never coming out of) in a soft pastel color and use it for everything.
/ It’s all in the detail – pick a bag, belt, cap or shoes in a third or fourth colour.
/ Leggings, yes think the 90s are back both from sports and fashion brands so style it with heels and a big jumper or sneakers and a blazer.

”Give me those colors NOW! And I think I’m not the only one who needs a bit of a color splash”

 True Colours

I am so done with cups of tea at home in my grey knits and way too many sweatpants. 
Honestly, I think it just helps to add a little color dash here and there in your outfit, and why stop there, when you can go full on color blocking - the trend that keeps on giving no matter season or weather.
Only thing is that you have to use solid monochrome colors. And they must be bright.
You go for three to four different colours and remember its all in the detail.
I have a lot of brown styles at home, which is a great shade to mix with pastels, and also brighter colors such as green and red

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