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What to wear for a wedding, man style

Wedding dress codes for men can be tricky, there’s the season and venue to consider for a start. Here, we’ve rounded up a selection of our favourite wedding appropriate outfits so you can look your best without upstaging the happy couple.

Modern prep


For this wedding vibe think country-club wedding style so it’s best to go for a clean-cut dress code and dress things down a bit. Grey suits are always a safe bet with a plain coloured shirt and match with a striped tie you’ll be onto a winning combination. Finish off your look with brown brogues and classic D-frame sunglasses.

Low-key luxe


While those wedding invites to Morocco or black-tie dos on New Year’s Eve may not happen, who’s to say you can’t channel all those luxury vibes. A double-breasted checked blazer is old school luxury that always looks good. Go for summery light brown and blue checks instead and match with a button-down shirt. Polished loafers and a beautiful watch will be a crowd pleaser.

Rock ‘n’ roll


Anything goes at this type of wedding, thanks to the no stuffy venue. Now you can really let your taste shine through and have a bit of fun with your outfit. Slim suits or slim trousers with a patterned shirt will work equally well as dark denim jeans with a white shirt, bow tie and black jacket. Footwear is up to you and depends on the venue. You could even do a hat to add that edge to your overall look.

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