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Our stylist Rikke Wackerhausen tells Boozt how to wear a maxi dress this summer and why it’s so easy to wear.


After a year of off-duty dressing, it’s time to embrace the transformative powers of a summer maxi dress. An effortless way to look ultra-polished you can simply pair a maxi dress with chic sandals, a simple tote bag and you’re ready for anything, from a picnic in the park to attending a small celebration. So, wherever your day takes you, there’s a mood boosting dress to suit.

“Easy and elegant, there are plenty of options for styling a maxi dress whether you dress it up or down”

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– How to wear 
the maxi dress

Stylist tips on how to wear the maxi dress


+ The more minimalist style is on trend this summer, this means simple, elegant styles without too much fuss.


+ Team with tan wrap around sandals or flip flops for the beach or a slip-on kitten heel for dinner with friends.


+ If you’re wearing a loose cotton or jersey maxi dress, a belt can help to pull your outfit together and define your shape, especially on A-line maxi dress styles.


+ As the season changes, switch from sneakers to a high boot when you get home from work and out to dinner. This instantly makes it much more refined and feminine.


+ Throw on an extra layer for when it gets cold in the evening. Go for a blazer or light leather jacket.


+ Take it into autumn with tights and a light sweater or knit.

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“It’s all about finding the perfect maxi dress that suits your personal style, and there's plenty out there right now.”

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