Spring glow

Refresh your makeup for spring with this pretty and wearable look. Makeup artist Robin Werner from Scandinavian Cosmetics shows you how to get the look in four simple steps.

Step 1 Prep and Prime

Start by prepping the skin with Sensai lotion. Apply all over the skin for an instant moisture boost, then apply the Clarins Eye Serum, slowly patting it into the skin around the eye area. Finish by priming the skin with the Sensai Glowing Base. Apply with a foundation brush over the entire face to add a luminous sheen to the skin and to even out the complexion.

Step 2 Back to base

Next, apply Clarins Everlasting foundation for a natural, glowy look. Use a foundation brush for a flawless application and then apply concealer to the areas where you most need it, blending into your foundation. Finish with a light dusting of Clarins translucent powder. Apply around the nose area and forehead. This will give a luminous finish and prevent shine later in the day. Add a small amount of blush just under the cheekbones to add definition and colour.

Step 3 Eyes & brows

Now define the brows with the Sensai eyebrow pencil. Apply light strokes with the pencil to fill in the brows, then use the brush to fluff up the hairs for a natural look. Further define the eyes by lining around the entire eye with an eyeliner pencil. Softly smudging as you apply the colour. Then apply the eyeshadow over the eyelid blending the colours to create a soft smokey eye, starting with the light to dark shades. Finish by applying eyeliner to the top lid to further define the eyes and two coats of mascara.

Step 4 Lips and setting

Apply an illuminator to the cheekbones for extra glow, applying with your fingertips as you gently pat it into the skin. Fill in and line the lips with two lip pencils, smudging out the colours and then apply the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil over the top for a glossy finish. Finally spritz the face with the Clarins Fix Makeup setting spray to fix the look.

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