Spring heroes

Skincare, gadgets, hair products and bright new makeup to boost your mood. Here’s the spring hero’s you need to add to cart now for a spring refresh.

An illuminiser

A dewy glow is a springtime staple, so capture it with a sheer highlighter that lets the skin shine through. Whether you go for a gloss, tint or cream formula swiping over your cheeks and eyelids will instantly brighten your face. Or, for skincare grade hydration go for a primer with illuminising particles and wear all over your face under your foundation for a knockout glow. 

A face mist

Skincare mists are a speedy way to fortify the skin on the go and a hands-free way of rebalancing. Look for ones that are packed full of skincare benefits like hyaluronic acid, probiotics, vitamins, and botanicals to leave your complexion refreshed and bright again.

A gadget

Smart updates are taking beauty gadgets to the next level from the derma roller that won’t tear your skin to the modern gua sha and the hair air dryers that won’t frizz your hair. So, update your beauty tool kit to include these additions for an even happier beauty routine.

Anti-anxiety skincare

The pressures of modern life can wreak havoc on your skin. Inflammation is a prime cause of skin issues from irritation to rosacea, often triggered by stress. While skincare alone cannot calm your anxieties, it can help to heal distressed skin through nurturing formulas.  Look for calming botanical ingredients, chamomile, and aromatherapy in your skincare to help calm it down.

Nude nail polish

From the tiniest dots to barely-there nude hues and tips, the micro-mani is here to stay. The key is in the prep work, which includes buffing, filing and cuticle grooming. Then apply a sheer nude base to even out the nail bed and to give them a clean finish. Add your delicate design and finish with a topcoat for a longer lasting polish.

A bronzer

Sunnier days are on their way and who doesn’t want a sun kissed glow on their skin. For that soft, outdoorsy freshness apply bronzer every day on the cheeks and around the perimeter of the face. Whether you go for a liquid, cream, or powder formulation, it doesn’t matter, just apply to the skin for an instant wake up. For a bronze base colour, apply a self-tanner the night before or add tanning drops to your daily moisturiser. 

Lip stain

Liquid lip colour will always pack a powerful punch when it comes to adding colour to your lips. But, if you love wearing vivid hues, but like to keep the colour almost blurry on your lips, then go for a lip stain instead. It will add colour but in a subtle way. Dab a few dots on the lips with the wand and then use your fingertips to blur out the colour. Oh, so pretty!

Coloured eyeliner

Just a simple swipe with a coloured eyeliner will transform the daily appearance of your eyes. Whether you go for vivid hues or subtle shades a simple line running along the upper lashes with a slight flick to the outer corners will add definition and it instantly says ‘Hello Spring’. Add fun to your makeup with a few different colours depending on your mood and the day.

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