Spring’s makeup stars

Spring feels like a good time to lighten up your makeup. As the first buds bloom, makeup and skincare that makes the complexion look fresher and brighter will instantly lift your mood and your appearance. Here’s how to apply your makeup for the new season. 

Dewy skin

Everything starts with good skin and going into spring you want it to look as though you have spent a day outside. Put your best face forward with a combination of clever concealing and top-notch skincare. The best way to bring this outdoorsy freshness is with a thorough massage before you apply your makeup and then a good dollop of moisturiser on the cheeks and outside of the face. If you feel your skin can take it, squeeze a little liquid highlighter into the moisturiser on the palm of the hand and mix before you apply it to the skin. It will leave a subtle iridescence and sheen which will instantly make the skin look healthy and radiant. Next, apply your foundation, but only where you need it, and blend it into the skin with a sponge or foundation brush for natural coverage. Allow it to soak in for a least five minutes, then apply a super light dusting of bronzer, as even the barest of looks need a bit of definition. Apply to the highest points of the face, forehead, bridge of nose, chin, and cheekbones. Create that outdoor flush to the apples of the cheeks with a cream pink blush, lightly patting it into the skin building up the colour as you go.

Easy eye

A subtle way to play with colour is to take bronze and blush-like tones up to the eyes as well. Neutral shades seem bolder when worn across more than one feature and peach and deep coral tones with gold pearl are universally flattering. The best way to apply the colour is with a large eyeshadow brush, smudging the colour out all over the eyelid up to the brows, continuing under the eyes for subtle definition. Finish with defined (not dramatic) lashes. Go for a mascara that separates and lengthens individual hairs to avoid clumping. 

Natural brows

Feathery brows in their natural state are a softer way to style your brows but you will still need a product to keep them in position. Regular use of a brow serum will help growth and keep them soft. Brush hairs up with a brow comb and fix with a coloured brow gel that contains fibres as this will help to make them look fuller whilst keeping them natural-looking.   

Lip stain

The beauty of a lip stain is that it’s a subtle way to wear colour but it will show dry, cracked lips more than a liquid lip formula. A fast-track way for softer, smoother lips is to exfoliate them as part of your everyday cleansing routine and then get into the habit of wearing a lip balm. Apply the colour by patting the stain into the centre of the lips first, smudging out to the corners, pressing the lips together as you go. You don’t even have to take the colour right to the lip line, as applying it to the fullest part of the lips is enough to impart colour.

The people featured in this story are not associated with Boozt and do not endorse it or the products shown. Photos by Adam Katz Sinding Stockholm Fashion Week Sweden Spring Summer 2022

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