Special occasion makeup

Dazzle on that special occasion with easy skin, bold eyes, and pretty lips. Here’s how to do your makeup for extra sparkle whether you are going to a wedding, a friend's birthday or graduation, plus new beauty buys that are totally worth adding to your makeup bag.

Pastel eyes

Now the weather has finally turned a corner, it's time to lighten up your makeup and this means switching those dark smokey evening eyes for a pastel wash. Go for a lash-to-socket colour that’s strong enough to call a look but easy to apply and looks great. If not the powdery lagoon blue, what about a purple haze or a burnt peach, hot coral, or seashell pink? Simply smudge the eyeshadow over the entire eyelid up to the brow bone. If the colour is more shimmery than matt, extend the colour along the bottom lash-line for extra eye-framing definition and add a touch to the inner corners to make eyes pop. Finish with a glossy mascara for pared-back lashes that still have an impact.

Barely-there blush

For a look that’s unconcerned with contouring, this boyish flush across the nose and cheeks says you just woke up like this. For freshness, choose a blush in a more reddish tone than you’re used to and buff it into the skin over bronzer with a light hand. Cream blush will up the dewy factor whereas powder formulas are great on hot days as they will last longer and absorb excess oil on the skin.

Milkshake nails

Special occasion manicures are all the better with soft milkshake-inspired pastels this season. Soft off-whites and creamy shades of coral, apricot, and buttercup are fresh alternatives to the hot pinks and reds that are classically worn for a special event. Short nails look beautifully chic with edges that have been rounded off for a more natural effect. Make sure nails are cuticle-free and hands are massaged regularly with hand cream to keep up appearances.

High shine or matt lips

When it comes to lips, remember that shine is playful and inviting, but gloss today is different. The latest glosses on the market pack a punch yet are so balm-like in texture they feel hardly there at all. To steal a trick from the runway (where ultra-mirrored lips were built up in layers) try a velvety liquid lipstick for longevity and pat clear lacquer on top to amplify the shine. If this isn’t for you, go matte, as it's always sophisticated and will suit any occasion. Keep shades light and lips in good condition to allow the colour to look good and last the distance.

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