Conscious beauty from Scandinavia


If you’re in search of a more conscious beauty routine, then look to the Swedish makeup brand IDUN Minerals which offers a range of makeup, skin, nail, and hair care based on highly purified minerals. Here we tell the story of IDUN Minerals and how they combine science and nature, with a vision to create more sustainable beauty that improves people, animals, and the planet.

Searching for a makeup brand that you love is a tricky business at the best of times, but when you want a range that has sustainable credentials and works effectively it adds to the search. Say hello to IDUN Minerals, a Swedish brand that was born in Stockholm more than 10 years ago and is today a globally loved conscious beauty brand with vegan and cruelty-free products. With a focus on creating more sustainable beauty for all skin types, including sensitive skin, their products are formulated in close cooperation with dermatologists and researchers, and the ingredients are carefully selected for their caring and high-performing effect. The perfect combination between science and nature, with the most apt tagline of Simply Pure and Clean.

Redefining beauty

IDUN Minerals think differently, and they choose sustainability as one of the measures when defining the luxuriousness of beauty, without compromising the result. Who says we need a mirror in all compacts? And do we really need lipstick in a heavy, black, and gold case for it to feel luxurious? This is why IDUN Minerals is undergoing a big packaging transformation and is moving all production to Europe. The ambition is for all packaging to be either recyclable, refillable, reduced in material, made from renewable resources, or recycled materials. Black plastic has been replaced with lighter colours to improve recyclability. This is what makes their products different, but they still contain the same fantastic formula. With sustainability in mind, they have decided to phase out the old packaging which is why you will see a mix of old and new designs for some time. This is to avoid wasting fully functional products.

High-performance formulas

Striving for inclusiveness, the assortment at IDUN Minerals consists of a wide range of shades and products to suit all skin types. The skin-loving ingredients care and protect with highly purified minerals, Nordic oils, and vitamins and blend in perfectly on your skin for a natural feel. Whether you are looking for an intense effect or a naturally soft look, IDUN Minerals is all you need. As the weather warms, now is the time to try a new look. We show you how to create the perfect spring glow with the amazing range.

The secret behind the perfect base

Start with clean exfoliated skin, carefully moisturised and primed which will give you the perfect base for your foundation to stay in place all day. IDUN Minerals offers a complete range of nourishing skincare, boosted with niacinamide and hyaluronic acid for a healthy and moisturized effect. The final step before your foundation is to apply an SPF to protect against UVA and UVB rays. IDUN Minerals Solstråle SPF 25 cares, protects, and primes the skin. Next, apply a foundation of your choice. IDUN Minerals Mineral Powder Foundation is formulated with only four highly purified minerals, offering an even, blendable colour with an impeccably soft radiance. It’s the only makeup product recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic. Finish off your base with a sunkissed glow. Apply Mineral Bronzer Sommardröm and put some fresh colour on your cheeks with Mineral Blush Smultron. This is the perfect base for spring which is Simply Pure and Clean. 

For your eyes only

Next, define your eyes naturally with a lash-boosting mascara and eyeliner. Whether you are looking for length, volume or curves, IDUN Minerals mascaras offers something for all your needs. Infused with highly purified minerals that coats each lash in a creamy caring formula they give the perfect open eye effect. The latest addition to the family is the Mascara Magna Water Magic that perfectly separates, brings length and volume to your lashes, and it magically rinses off using only water. If you are looking to add even more volume, then go for the award-winning Magna Lengthening Mascara which will really open up the eyes. In the summer months, go for a waterproof formula like Mascara Vatn Waterproof 38°C, as it gives impeccable results and is easily removed with lukewarm water above 38°C. The formula simply detaches from lashes in small tubes, with no grease in sight. For even more definition frame that look with a Creamy Eyeliner that comes with a built-in sharpener and a smudging tool for that perfect smokey eye effect. All ophthalmologically tested and suitable for the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

The final touch

For the grand finale, you need to add some colour and glow to give your skin fresh spring vibes.  The best way to brighten and illuminate the face is with a highlighter. The IDUN Fjällsippa highlighter with its multi-use formula brings sophisticated shimmer to your eyelids as well as your cheekbones and nose. For the finishing touch add colour to your lips. Whether you dress business casual or are going to a gala, red lips are always a classic look. IDUN Minerals Matte Lipstick Jordgubb delivers intense colour with an extra luxurious and creamy feel and it stays put. If you are looking for a less dramatic look then go for the Cream Lipsticks which offer a semi-transparent shimmer and shine with many colours whatever the look you are going for. Boost your glow with a creamy Lip gloss and you are all set for spring.

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