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Summer hair

Whether your hair is wavy or sleek, long, or short simple tweaks to your at-home hair care and styling regime will give you great-looking healthy hair this summer.

Sunproof your hair

You may practice safe sun for your skin, but what about your hair? Sun, sea, and chlorine will dehydrate your hair and it simply won’t recover if you just leave it. Most at risk is coloured hair as the sun will not only fade the colour, but if it’s bleached, the hair can break off. The best treatment is to use a leave-in spray with a UV protector to repel the rays or slather on a hydrating hair mask when you hit the beach. This will it act as a barrier and the heat from the sun will open the hair, forcing the moisture inside. If you swim a lot, rinse your hair in fresh water regularly, and before you get in the water slick on some styling wax to protect your strands from the chlorine. If it does work its way through the wax and your hair turns green, pour on a bottle of tomato juice, and leave for 15 minutes. It sounds weird, but it really does work.

Take care with wet hair

When your hair is wet, it is more vulnerable to breakage so don’t over scrub it when you shampoo or rub it too hard when towel drying. Dragging when brushing will tangle down the hair shaft and can cause damage, so be mindful and brush slowly and carefully. Start with the ends, then work upwards towards the roots. Use a detangling brush and a multi-tasking conditioning spray which will provide some slip and protection for styling.

Go for a selection of tools

When it comes to styling your hair you need more than one gadget if you want to try lots of different looks. It’s all about playing with hair tools to create a variety of looks like flat waves, s-bends, and big curls all in one style. Use tongs and a straightener to play with textures then tame with your fingers and try using it in different directions to produce different textures and leave those ends out so you don’t look Barbie-doll-esque.

Add an accessory

From slides to crystal studded headbands, pins, clips, and scarves, the hair accessory is having a moment and is an instant way to dress up the hair for an occasion or even just a workday. It doesn’t matter whether you have long or short hair, you can easily add one of these to amp up your everyday style or camouflage a bad hair day. Simply part your hair at one side and place pins haphazardly mixing up different styles or elevate a messy bun or updo with a clip.

Add protein to your routine

Hair is made of keratin, a type of protein, so as well as eating it, applying topically can help strengthen and reinforce your lengths, which is even more important in summertime. A protein treatment can help to replenish the hair and rebuild broken ends. Simply massage into your scalp when you apply the treatment to stimulate your scalp’s microcirculation and encourage the nutrients to reach the follicles.

Best for cleansing…

Best for split ends…

Best for protecting…  

Best for coloured hair…

Best for repair…

Best for treating the scalp…

Best for detangling…

Best for dry ends…

FACT: Straight hair doesn’t mean flat hair
To stop fine hair from looking flat, blow-dry with a large round brush to create lift at the roots, then straighten from the mid-section to the ends, to keep the volume at the top.

Got thick hair?
Use a flat, wide paddle brush. It’s designed to grab more hair at once, without creating a kink or bend in the hair so it will speed drying time and smooth curly hair.

How to use hairspray?
It has multiple uses so a great styling product to have in your hair kit.

To re-volumise: 
Flip over, mist and hold for 10 seconds and flip back for instant oomph.

To stay sleek: 
Lightly mist sections before and after straightening to seal out humidity.

To get a gorgeous updo: 
Spritz hair before you put it up in your updo style then add one quick shot after you’re done, and you won’t end up with over-styled big hair.

Instant post-beach style – long hair
If you’ve just got back from the beach and your hair is salty and a bit disheveled, try this easy style. If you need more texture, comb through some gel then tip your head upside down, scrunch the hair with your fingers then blow-dry. Once dry, throw your head back and fix a ponytail on your best side. Finish with a headscarf for that beachy vibe.

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