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Festival chic

So, you’ve got your ticket, the headliners are confirmed and you’re ready to go. Here’s the ultimate checklist of what to pack and stay stylish for your weekender.

Festival packing checklist


Camping essentials

/  A tent.
/  A mallet (pushing tent pegs in by hand can hurt).
/  A sleeping bag.
/  A foil blanket (super cheap and super handy if you get chilly).
/  A blow up pillow (aeroplane pillows actually work great if you’re saving space).
/  A ground mat (if you’ve got room, these will save your back during the nights).
/  Bin bags. They have a multitude of uses!
/  Sleeping mask and ear plugs if you want some rest.



/  Your festival outfits (t-shirts, shorts, shirts, a jacket, trainers, etc). Aim for lightweight stuff to reduce the weight of the bag you’ll be lugging around!
/  Rain boots and a raincoat or poncho in case its wet.
/  A hat or cap (great for weather and great for covering messy festival hair).
/  Comfy light pyjamas.
/  Socks and underwear.



/  Mini toothpaste and mini toothbrush.
/  Lots and lots of wet wipes.
/  Hand sanitiser.
/  A mini first aid kit (you’ll be grateful for this if you suffer any blisters or bites).
/  Any medication you need, along with paracetamol for any headaches you may get…
/  Sanitary stuff. Better safe than sorry.
/  A hairbrush and hair ties.
/  Dry shampoo.
/  Deodorant.
/  Sun cream.
/  A towel (if you’re planning on showering or just need to dry off from the rain).
/  Make up (pack only your essentials; chances are you won’t wear much of it and you don’t want to lose your nice stuff!)


Important stuff

/  Your ticket!
/  Bank card
/  ID (don’t let a lack of identification ruin your trip).
/  A phone charge pack (don’t waste precious time hanging around a charging station).
/  Disposable cameras. Seriously, these are so much more fun than your phone camera.
/  A hipflask (small and easy to carry around).