Whether your workplace has a specific dress code or keeps a laidback approach to your nine to five-attire, we’ve got the office apparel to get you through Monday to Friday in style.

The everyday uniform 

If you’re an office clerk your best uniform will be the three piece-template: classic shirt, khaki pants, and loafers. Go for shirts of white, blue, and the occasional stripes and plaids, matched with dark-coloured slacks and beige chinos. Stick to the three-piece rule and change the colour palette for a versatile wardrobe that helps you dress in the morning. 

Nine to five sharp

They say first impressions are everything. Step into the Monday meeting with a crisp white shirt, tailored trousers, and matching tie. Oversized tailoring is a big trend this season – make a statement with big shoulders (à la David Byrne in the 80s). Opt for neutrals, sharp silhouettes, and clean lines. Throw on a beige trench coat or a savvy tweed jacket and you’ll be ready to face the day. 

Office preppy

The preppy look is coming in big this season. Think khaki pants, polo shirts, varsity jackets, plaids, and classic stripes. For a foolproof Ivy League look go for a blue Oxford shirt, tailored pants, blazer, and leather loafers. Throw a cable knit sweater over your shoulders and don’t forget to bring your tennis bag. 

Business formal

This one goes out for the bankers and lawyers. Business formal means a suit and tie is a must. Build a solid office wardrobe with shirts, suits, ties, pocket squares, cuff links, and dressy shoes. Keep it fun with a mixture of pinstripes, checks, paisley patterns, and curated color combos. Perfect the yuppie look with a classic leather briefcase and a passport in your pocket (in case you have to fly off on that business trip to Vienna). 

Business casual 

We love versatile and simple pieces that are equally smart and comfortable. Perfect the business casual look with buttoned-down shirts, slacks, turtlenecks, leather belts, and loafers. Blazers, suits, and matching sets makes it easy to dress in the morning. Match with a double shot espresso and laptop in hand.

Casual Friday

Lose the tie and go for your favourite t-shirt and jeans on this one. Comfort is key so opt for soft cotton, stretchy materials, loose khakis, and sneakers. Turn up the athleisure and colourful prints. Pair your slacks with a sweatshirt and roll into After Work in your favourite drawstring pants, t-shirt, and shacket (mix of shirt and jacket).

Working from home 

Easily the most effortless of work attires. Get comfy with loose-fitting stretchy fabrics, soft sweatshirts, and airy pants. Perfect the zoom look with a casual shirt on top and sweatpants on bottom, or invest in a smart leisurewear set. 

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