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Seasons come and go, but exercise must continue. If you still like to work out in the great outdoors, here’s what to wear so you look and feel good whatever the weather. By Josefin Barsom.



Beat two birds with one stone (exercise and fresh air) by hitting the outdoor gym this fall. Do your lunges in breathable shorts with built-in tights, a lightweight zip-up jacket, and flexible running shoes. For the colder days layer up with fleece, beanie, and gloves for a good grip when lifting weights and pulling chin-ups. Bring your sporty duffle bag for an outfit change and extra equipment.


Run miles in seamless, breathable tights, and lightweight running shoes. Top it off with a mid-layer zip-up jacket, and a waist pouch for putting all your necessities in. Add some extra challenge with a backpack full of weights. Feel the trails beneath your feet and explore the wide-open spaces of nature one step at a time.



Hit the slopes this winter with the latest ski fashion. Start off with warming base layers, sturdy soft-shell pants matched with a hooded ski jacket, and boots. Top it off with down mittens, beanie, helmet, and sporty shades. A big trend in alpine fashion this year is the retro-inspired ski jumpsuit, match with a balaclava and big, fluffy mittens.


Famed for its many health benefits, such as boosting the immune system, upping endorphins, and reducing stress, cold water therapy has become a popular wellness ritual. Get the look with a fuzzy robe, sleek black swimsuit, and matching slippers. For the real daredevils who leap in headfirst, we’ve got swim goggles and silicone caps. Planning to stay long? Slip into a full-body wet suit. PS. Don’t forget to visit the sauna on your way out. 



Gear up for Tour de France in full-on spandex and lycra. Tight biker shorts, a wind jacket, speedy sunglasses, and a helmet will have you set for the road. For serious bikers, we suggest high-performing bib shorts and full-body nylon sets. Stay safe with LED reflective accessories like armbands and vests, and you’ll have everything you need for a head-to-toe biker look.


Take a hike in high-performance functional gear. Choose cargo pants with practical pockets for stashing granola bars, cellphones, flashlights, and essential tools. Add a warming fleece jacket, a large backpack, and a pair of sturdy boots that are good for heavy terrain and many miles. In case of rain, pull your waterproof jacket and bucket hat out of your backpack. Don’t forget your thermos and a good change of clothes.



Doing yoga in the park is the perfect activity for summer. Not only do you get a free open-air studio, but as the temperature rises your regular yoga ritual will turn into a hot yoga session. Opt for soft materials that breathe and feel light on the body. Choose calm, earthy tones for a versatile yoga closet that can be matched and combined in endless variations. Complete the yogi look with a foam roller, carry straps, and a yoga block. Roll out your mat and pose like a pro. 

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Once the beloved sport of retired dads, golfing has made a comeback among youngsters. Top signifiers for a bona fide golf look are a tennis shirt in pastel colour, tailored pants (or checkered if you will), a sun-protecting cap, and white golf shoes. Ladies may opt for a pleated skirt, golf dress with collar, and a funky visor. Think posh brands, pastels, buttons ups, and playful accessories. 

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Gather up your friends and play tennis, badminton or padel in the park. Choose lightweight materials that allow you to sweat and move freely. A tennis shirt, shorts, and good trainers that'll put a bounce in your step will get you ahead of the game. Girls may opt for a classic tennis look with a white polo shirt, pleated skirt, sneakers, and socks. Add an extra layer of sporty spice with a headband or a sun-protecting visor. Don’t forget to bring your duffle bag for an extra change of clothes, a water bottle, and add-ons.

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