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As cold autumn winds roll in, we like to cosy up inside with candles, spicy wine, and hot stews. We had a chat with some local wine influencers to see how they’ll be spending this fall at home. Malmö couple Ebba and Agge run the mutual Instagram account Vinfluencers where they share wine tips, local restaurant visits, and entertaining captions about everything from relationship advice to life’s little absurdities. We had a chat with them to see what they’re up to this fall.

How did Vinfluencers come about?
It all started one afternoon when Agge was on his way to an “old man’s dinner” about two years ago, and he was made in charge of the wine. He wrote little notes about each wine, and that’s when Ebba suggested that he should start a wine account on Instagram. Ebba set up the account and took the role of writer and Agge became the wine expert of the account. We both work in marketing (Agge as a content manager and Ebba as a copywriter/journalist) so we both found it incredibly fun to be able to do it in our own way!

How will you spend this autumn at home?
We’ll enjoy our newly painted apartment with sheepskin slippers on, Sigge (our dog) on the carpet, a glass of wine in hand, friends over, and something nice cooking on the stove.

What will you be cooking this autumn?
Aggen’s red wine pasta, savory stews, baos, and homemade dumplings! The rice cooker usually also runs hot during this time of year.  

Your best tips and tricks for a cosy autumn dinner?
Put on a nice playlist that evokes the feeling of a luxurious piano bar in Upper East Side New York, alternatively Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. Light candles everywhere, preferably scented candles that smell of wood and musk. Serve your wine in big, sumptuous glasses, and pick your wine with care.

Three things you have to have in the kitchen?
A rice cooker, a good wine opener, and sharp knives.

Three guests you’d like to invite for dinner?
Per Andersson, the Danish journalist Esben Bjerre Hansen, and Annika from the tv-series “Älskar, älskar inte.” What a gang!

Finish the sentence The kitchen is…..
where our finest and most exciting conversations, discussions, and bickering take place.

Top three wine tips?

Everyday – Pinot Noir 
Weekend – Nebbiolo langhe, Barolo barbaresco
Party – Domaine Vincey Grand Cru Oger Champagne

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