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Sometimes you just need to switch up your brands and try something new. Did you know Boozt has its own men’s designer shop? A curated selection of designer brands with a premium boutique feel. Here, we highlight five brands within our collection to inspire you in your next shop.

Wood Wood

Founded in 2002, Wood Wood is much more than a brand said its co-founder Karl-Oskar Olsen. “It’s about style and attitude.” With its roots firmly in Danish culture having been launched in Norrebro, Copenhagen, Wood Wood’s ambition has always been to influence culture through contemporary, accessible streetwear and community-driven projects. To elevate the brand’s purpose, Wood Wood engages in special collaborations with established brands and independent artists to develop products and non-commercial activations. 

Han Kjobenhavn

Known for its uncompromising creativity Han Kjobenhavn is a Danish fashion house with a vision to create innovative and spectacular designs that suit many people. Whatever your style, their ready-to-wear range, eyewear, jewelry and accessories for both men and women has a sculptural edge that empowers you when you wear it. Founded on the streets of Copenhagen in 2008, it has its roots firmly in the Danish design culture.

Filippa K

Filippa K’s vision is to create an uncomplicated, desirable, and sustainable wardrobe that has given the brand longevity since Filippa Knutsson founded it back in 1993. And, it is still as relevant today as it was when she started it on her kitchen table. Pioneering the now-iconic look of Scandinavian minimalism she saw the need for simple, well-made garments that answer to the experience of daily life while balancing style and comfort. The label’s ready-to-wear clothing and accessories continue to redefine classic through craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Fusing seamless design with effortless functionality, this Norwegian fashion house was founded in 2012 by siblings Susanne and Andreas Holzweiler. Focusing on creating timeless pieces, the brand draws inspiration from art, architecture, nature, and contemporary culture. It was its silk, lambswool, and cashmere scarf collections that first gained it attention leading them to expand into ready-to-wear in 2014. Championing collaboration and change the brand has worked with a long list of international creatives, musicians, and icons which contributes to the positive movement, both in terms of social impact and sustainability. With collections always focusing on attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials, Holzweiler continues to channel timeless ideals and craftsmanship.


This Swedish fashion brand has a passion for contemporary high-quality clothing that inspires and emphasizes individual style. HOPE believes in progressive, yet timeless design with strong tailoring, and attention to detail and is passionate about diversity, creativity, and self-expression. Style always comes before gender and starting in 2017 they labeled clothing with both men’s and women’s sizes. Each of HOPE’s collections delivers on the need for desirable, functional clothing, seasonal must-haves, and your not-so-ordinary basics.

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