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Steal the look…Wednesday Addams

If you love Wednesday Addam’s moody, master class in all-black outfits in the new Netflix series Wednesday, here’s how to channel her style with these wardrobe staples.

A striped blazer

With a striped blazer like this, you can wear it to the office with trousers or on the weekends with leggings.

A striped knit

While Wednesdays was a striped cardigan, here’s how to shop a similar vibe with a knit instead.

A vintage gown

Make an entrance at your next party with a Wednesday inspired black dress. The more frills the better.

A checked sweater

She styled them underneath a jacket and over a turtleneck for a great layering move. 

A cropped leather jacket

Wednesday owns a variety of leather outerwear and oversized bombers, all wardrobe staples that will last and you can wear whatever the season.

A collared dress

A quintessential look on the show she wore a printed dress with a sharp stiff pointed collar. Get the look with a shirt dress that you can easily wear to the office and your next party.

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