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The great escape

Vacation must-haves

With vacation time fast approaching you need to start thinking about your vacay wardrobe. Let your clothes transport you to the sunshine-filled shores. These four capsule wardrobes with round-the-clock elegance will give you that holiday feeling, wherever you are.

Stockholm’s newest beach resort www.ellerybeachhouse


Swedish seaside staples of oversized striped knits, overalls, denim, and practical comfy sandals are perfect wardrobe must-haves for your Swedish summer vacation where layering is key. Don’t forget to invest in a cosy robe for those early morning swims off the pier. This nautical look is laid-back while looking polished and considered too.


Greece’s sundrenched streets and white buildings make the perfect backdrop for a wardrobe that’s polished and elegant but still feels effortless. Stick to a colourful palette of white, red, and blue with splashes of yellow to embody the islands party vibe and carefree nature. Wear with effortless leather sandals, and a relaxed tote bag for all your holiday essentials.


Whether it’s the glamour and elegance of the French Riviera or the rolling hills of the Provincial countryside, romantic feminine frills, crisp cotton, and vintage florals are always in style in France. Take note of the relaxed Mediterranean way of life and keep it easy with floaty sun dresses, straw bags, and pretty bikinis for an effortlessly chic feel.

The relaxed spirit of a charming cabin

An immersive experience in the desert


From the hubbub of the medina to the rich sunset hues of the desert, Morocco’s bohemia delights call for a suitcase full of rich colours, long dresses, super-wide trousers or culottes, and lace-up espadrilles. Adding crochet, embroidery and handicraft pieces will complete the boho vibe.

Top travel tips

+ Travel light. Whether you fold or roll, the smart way to travel light is with hand luggage only so invest in a sturdy-yet-lightweight carry-on.

+ Always look at ways you can double up. You might be in holiday mode, but your wardrobe should be working overtime, so pack pieces with a hybrid potential. Think swimsuits that look great with a maxi skirt and remember oversized shirts look just as good on the beach as they do at the bar.

+ Why risk the mess of decanting your favourite beauty products in those little tubs? Instead, invest in a set of luxe miniatures and save the weight for another pair of shoes.