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Here comes the sun

Summertime means constant beauty maintenance to keep your body, hair, and face looking and feeling good when the heat is up. Follow these easy beauty tips for fun in the sun.

The SPF factor

The essential beauty product for not only protecting your skin but for preventing skin damage throughout the summer months. With so many formulas on the market, there is something to suit all skin types, it’s just about finding a texture you like. But whether it’s a cream, milk, spray, or oil, make sure it has a minimum SPF of 30+ so you can safely spend time in the sun. Always apply after swimming and at least every half an hour when you are in the sun.

After sun

If we are our best selves on holiday, the magical hours just before the sun sets are when we are golden. At this stage, the best beauty interventions are minimal ones: after sun, a shimmery body oil for shoulders and legs, a glowy bronzer for the face, and an easy-to-wear fragrance are all we need. Sundowner is optional, although highly recommended.

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