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  • Alkutuoksun nuotit: Lime
  • Sydäntuoksun nuotit: Salvie, Lavendel pohjatuoksun nuotit Amberry Woods
  • Fresh
Tuotteen yksityiskohdat
  • Valmistettu Ranska
  • Mitat: 10,9 x 6,5 x 4,5

Stronger With You Freeze, the fragrance for men by Emporio Armani, captures the seductive energy of the man who lives in the present with distinct, elegant freshness. Urban, dynamic and contemporary. "Live in the present, as the present moment is always the happiest one" - Giorgio Armani. A celebration of life and togetherness, Stronger With You Freeze seizes each instant, freezing the moment to make it last. The seductive scent opens with fresh notes of lime that develop into an elegant heart of clean sage and enveloping lavender, lingering with a masculine woody amber accord. The bottle is molded around clean lines with decisive curves recalling masculine shoulders. The refined glass is now frosted, as if forever frozen in time. The union of Stronger With You Freeze for men and In Love With You Freeze for women creates a balanced and irresistible couple, empowered by two strong individuals. Together stronger.

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Giorgio Armani

Stronger With You Freeze Eau de Toilette - Tuoksut

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