• Istuvuus: Casual/ Loose Fit
  • Materiaali: 100% puuvillaa - 150 gr.
  • Hienopesu korkeintaan 40˚C

Solid colour t-shirt Printed logo and stripes Ribbed neckline. If you are dreaming about a t-shirt which you can use again and again without losing the fit and the quality, this t-shirt is for you. The t-shirt is made from a well-tested cotton quality, which has been selected from the finest cotton producers in Turkey. The t-shirt has printed stripes and logo as well as double stitching on the sleeves and along the lower edge. This is likely to become your favourite t-shirt which you again and again can combine with various shorts or trousers.


Skagen Tee - Lomasuosikit

13 Tyyliä juuri myyty


Valitse kokoKokotaulukko
17.50 €35 €Säästät 17.50 €
Ilmainen palautus Ilmainen palautus 30 pv
Nopea toimitus 1-4 arkipäivää Ilmainen toimitus yli 59€ tilauksista
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