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  • 1 x Bowl Ø18cm x H9cm
  • 1 x Plate Ø18 x H1, 8cm
Tuotteen yksityiskohdat
  • Materiaali: fine stoneware
  • Valmistettu Portugali
  • Volyymi: 0.03
  • Ø: 18 cm

Setomono - our new tableware in a soft off white colour. Made from fine stoneware, inspired by traditional Japanese pottery. Welcome the Setomono Bowl Set ( Large ) This the two pieces are stackably creating a sculptural whole. The lid can be used as a plate when not used as a lid in conjunction with the large bowl. Setomono is available in 3 different sizes This a perfect centrepiece for any dining table.

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Kristina Dam Studio

Setomono Bowl Set - Large - Off-white - Aamiaiskulhot


89 €
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