Tuotteen yksityiskohdat
  • Materiaali: posliini
  • Ei sisällä BPA:ta
  • Volyymi: 0.5
  • H: 6,5 cm
  • Ø: 13 cm
  • Designer: Stilleben v/Reckweg & Nordentoft

With Rhombe Color, we bring new life to the existing Rhombe dinnerware, where the bright colours are selected in collaboration with the design duo Stilleben. Each part of the Rhombe Color dinnerware has its own color and you are invited to put together colors exactly as you wish. All parts can be combined, colored and white elements mixed and matched. The Rhombe bowl in dark blue porcelain gives you a classic and stylish bowl from Lyngby Porcelain with a simple and beautiful pattern as relief. The pattern comes from Lyngby Porcelain's archives, and with this reinterpretation, you get added elegance and sophistication to the stylish dish. The Rhombe bowl, with its clear clean lines, is ideal for a beautiful and simple table setting. The Rhombe bowl has a 2-year warranty.

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Lyngby Porcelæn

Rhombe Color Bowl - Aamiaiskulhot



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32.95 €
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