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Step out of the shadows with a dramatic, bold colour. An exciting development in Max Factor nails, Gel Shine Lacquer Nail Polish is a make-up perfectionist's dream. In just one coat, it gives a high-gloss gel-effect finish you can achieve at home. Formula Easy to apply, it glides smoothly over nails thanks to its rich and thick formula that creates gel-like finish and minimises streaks or brush marks. Enjoy shiny, intense colours on your nails for up to 7 days. Ramp up your look withMax Factor Gel Shine Lacquer and become a true femme fatale.

STEP 1: First remove any oils by buffing or wiping your nails with polish remover. STEP 2: After applying base coat, brush one stroke of polish down the centre of your nail and a stroke either side. STEP 3: Leave a slight gap along the outer edges of your nail to make your nails appear longer. STEP 4 Wait for minutes, then apply a second coat. STEP 5 Paint polish over your nail edges and undersides to seal the tips. Use a top coat to finish to make your polish last longer.

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