• Materiaali: stainless teräs with puuteri ulkokuori
  • Leveys: 15
  • Pakkauksen mitat: 7 x 16 x 16 cm
  • H: 6 cm L: 15 cm
  • Ø: 15 cm
  • Designer: Debiasi & Sandri

The two Italian designers, Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri, are the brains behind the new Ora range: a range that employs harmonious, geometric shapes to achieve an almost organic look. Their design concept was to create a range of products that, far from being merely everyday objects, are personalised designer items to last a lifetime. The Ora range consists of several sculptural elements that can be placed on their own or in stylish compositions with other pieces. Playing with the contrasts between simple raw steel, soft organic shapes and natu¬ral colours, the Ora range creates a synergy of shapes and materials. The result is a warm, minimalistic elegance.The matte exterior of the bowls, combined with the glossy surface of the inside, creates a play of light and reflection, broken by the char¬acteristic steel edge. The edge lends a surprising dimension to the otherwise soft shape, where the choice of material is exposed behind a coloured powder coating.

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Ora bowl - Tarjoilukulhot

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