détails du produit
  • Ajustement: Relaxed
  • Haute
  • Matières: 100% lin
  • Design boxers serrés
  • Design short pour garçons
  • Style boxers serrés
  • Coupe courte
  • Taille ajustée
  • Style kimono
  • Coupe basse
  • Coupe décontractée
  • Coupe fourreau
  • Style fluide
  • Coupe fuselée
  • Coupe droite
  • Jambe large
  • Jupe patineuse
  • Boyfriend fit
  • Le vêtement est fabriqué à partir d'un mélange de laine de luxe. La laine crée un tissu respirant et isolant qui vous tiendra au chaud tout l'hiver.
  • La structure particulière de fibres de bambou créer un tissu qui s'adapte à la température autour de vous, vous maintien au chaud en hiver et au frais en été.
  • La laine crée un tissu respirant et isolant qui vous gardera au chaud durant les journées fraîches.
  • Fabriqué à partir de soie et de spandex qui assure un ajustement de forme, et la facilité de mouvement.
  • Fabriqué à partir de coton biologique certifié.
  • Tencel est un tissu respectueux de l'environnement fabriqué à partir de pulpe de bois
  • Fabriqué à partir d'un tissu facile d'entretien
  • Fabrication double couche
  • Spandex is a strong, durable fabric with excellent elasticity.
  • Mesh fabric increases airflow making the garment more breathable.
  • Le style parfait pour le mini-trendsetter
  • Ce matières textiles contenant juste la bonne quantité d'étirement pour un ajustement confortable et élégant.
  • A modern twist on a sporty classic
  • Style with sneakers for a contemporary look
  • Fun and colourful design
  • Conception esthétique
  • Sturdy, strong and tear-resistant. Canvas is a cotton-based fabric, recyclable and manufactured with low environmental impact.
  • Crafted from a high-quality fibre blend, to ensure a fitting form with increased flexibility and comfort.
  • This fibre blend creates a wrinkle-free fabric that drapes beautifully and is soft as silk.
  • A wool blend for increased warmth & comfort to see you through the colder months.
  • Made from a mixed-fibre blend allowing for greater warmth & breathability.
  • The manmade properties in Nylon make it particularly lightweight and robust.
  • A timeless sleek leather finish, offering natural characteristics and long lasting quality.
  • Good for your performance and the environment, recycled polyester is the new technical fabric.
  • Designed with your comfort in mind, this cotton made garment will immediately become a reliable favourite in your wardrobe.
  • With its strength and sturdiness, this corduroy garment is an old school classic to be added to your wardrobe. Excellent choice for various occasions.
  • Stretch denim adds extra comfort and increases flexibility, making this style ideal for everyday use.
  • The subtle sheen of cotton poplin adds a touch of luxury, allowing you to wear the garment in both casual and formal situations.
  • This garment is made from a high-quality pima blend, guaranteeing you durability, softness and colour retention.
  • The extra fine cashmere fibers make it soft and luxurious, an ideal choice for sensitive skin.
  • Linen is two to three times more durable and smoother than cotton fabrics.
  • Tao & Friends will be donating a fixed amount of 1€ per item sold to chosen charities. By making the conscious choice of buying our clothes, YOU will be part of the Tao&friends cause.
  • Tomorrow-organic production text
  • Pre-shaped knees
  • Support flexible
  • Ceinture large qui donne du soutien.
  • anti usure
  • Active biocide zinc pyrithione
  • Cordon à la taille réglable
  • Languettes Velcro ajustables à la taille
  • Braguette boutonnée
  • Col amovible
  • Ceinture Fixée
  • Fente arrière
  • Pieds et mains couverts
  • Aérations doubles dans le dos
  • Ceinture à cordonnet
  • Taille basse
  • Étriers sous les pieds élastiques
  • Bordure élastique
  • Ceinture élastique
  • Ceinture Empire
  • Ceinture à rabat
  • Empiècements aux genoux
  • Taille à ruban latéral
  • Fermeture droite à un bouton
  • Fermeture droite à deux boutons
  • Bordure smockée
  • Ceinture smockée
  • Fermeture à bouton-pression à l'entrejambe
  • Intérieure en feutre
  • Stripes down the side
  • Ligne de fourrure
  • Low rise waist
  • Zip-off pant leg
  • Selvage details
  • Ceinture inclus
  • Laver délicatement à 40˚C au maximum
  • Veuillez noter que les pointures précédemment
  • The sizes have been converted into standard European sizes. Please refer to the size guide and the brand's original size for further information.
  • Veuillez noter, de taille 50 à 56 c´est à pieds.
  • Dans la couture: 69 cm
Information produit

Italian textile manufacturer Lanificio Zignone utilised the highest production standards and quality yarns for this piece.. Tollegno used only fine Italian craftsmanship and technological innovation to create the fabric of this item.. Legguino produced the quality Italian fabric for this garment, while maintaining high ethical and environmental standards.. Sucessori Reda fabrics adhered to a carefully controlled process from its selection of sheep in New Zealand to its completion in Italy.. Italian textile manufacturer Albini used quality raw materials, sophisticated technologies and ethical responsibility to create this fabric.. Portuguese textile manufacturer Paulo De Oliveira made this garment through modern and advanced technology.. Made from fine Italian manufacturer Lanificio TG Di Fabio.. Italian textile manufacturer Lanificio Ciatti E Baroncelli selected only the finest natural fibres for this garment.. Italian manufacturer, Lanficio Angelico, selects only the most prestigious of fabrics to create its structural perfection and visual elegance.. Vitale Barberis Canonico selects only the finest Italian wool fabrics with a sustainable approach to the environment and animal.. Italian manufacturer, Duca Visconti Di Modrone, used select raw materials and superior operational technology to produce this garment.. Tessuti di Sondrio blended the finest yarns and an eco sustainable approach for the exquisite, artisanal fabric for this item.. Italian manufacturer Marlane chose only quality mainstay fabrics to construct this contemporary, eco-friendly piece.. Using "Slow Factory" production, master craftsmans created the yarn for this quality Italian garment by Bonotto.. Ce vêtement est conçu pour être pratique et confortable mais aussi adapter à l´agrandissement de l´enfant.. Italian textile manufacturer Marzotto combines well-established tradition and sustained innovation, established in 1836.

Merino wool
The lightweight fibres of merino wool make it warm in the cold and cool in the heat. Softer than traditional wool, it is breathable, moisture wicking and resists odour. Naturally renewable, recyclable and biodegradable it is a sustainable choice.
Plus doux, chaud et plus léger que de la laine traditionelle. Le cachemire ajoute du luxe dans votre garderobe.
La durabilité du bambou, sa respirabilité, et ses proprietes antibactériennes, assurent un sommeil de luxe au frais
Le mohair est plus doux, plus chaud, et plus léger que la laine traditionnelle.
La soie est une fibre naturelle légère qui crée une finition brillante.
La soie est respirable et naturellement hypoallergénique.
Le lin est naturellement léger et respirant
Le lin devient plus doux et plus beau, et ce à chaque lavage
Lyocell est un tissu respectueux de l'environnement fabriqué à partir de pulpe de bois.
Windproof and waterproof to a minimum of 20,000 mm. Very high wicking ability up to 40,000 g/m2/24 hours for 2-layer. Up to 30,000 g/m2/24 hours for 3-layer while retaining waterproofing and breathability.
Is twice as effective as traditional membranes. Windproof and waterproof to a minimum of 20,000 mm. Extreme wicking ability to more than 40,000 g/m2/24 hours while retaining waterproofing and breathability.
Bergans Element®
Provides water resistance to 5,000 mm. Medium wicking ability up to 5,000 g/m2/24h hours while retaining waterproofing and breathability.
Bergans Element Active®
Provides water resistance to 10,000 mm. High wicking ability up to 10,000 g/m2/24 hours while retaining waterproofing and breathability.
Points forts
Isolation doubleIsolation double
ventilation cibléeventilation ciblée
Taille compressionTaille compression
Moins d´eauMoins d´eau
About the brand
The Helsinki-based fashion company Andiata creates timeless quality pieces for modern women of all ages. With over 30 years of expertise in making clothes that fit to perfection, Andiata designs are made to empower women with stylish looks in luxurious materials. Sharp yet feminine, the collection features elegant and effortless looks for business, pleasure and play.


Kamille Linen Trousers - Business picks

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