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How to choose the right vase for your flowers

Sometimes it’s difficult to choose the right vase shape for your flowers. We spoke to Sophie Wiking from the floral design studio, Florista in Malmo to tell us the best vase shapes and styles to pair with your next bunch of flowers. 

When choosing a vase, always look at the opening of the vase, as when it is too wide or too narrow, it can make it harder to work with and change the shape of the overall arrangement.

Tall cylinder vase

Usually large in size, tall cylinder vases provide structure and are great when paired with flowers with tall stems such as roses, lilies or gladiolus. This vase shape is also one of the best vases for sunflowers, peonies and hydrangeas. Flowers that feature generous foliage also help to create more volume when placed in a tall, round floor vase.

Narrow necked vase

Due to their narrow opening and long body, narrow-necked vases look beautiful when paired with tall thin flowers, flowers with thin steams and for individual statement flowers. Depending on the size, they are perfect for holding a large single branch, or for smaller informal flower designs using just a few stems.

Fish-bowl vase

When it comes to choosing flowers for a fish-bowl vase, you want to opt for flowers that can spill over the opening of the vase. Top heavy flowers like orchids, roses and chrysanthemums, daisies and even calla lilies will look great in a fish-bowl. To create the perfect arrangement, cut the flower stems to the height of the bowl. Flowers with rigid stems work well in this vase style as they can stand up straight.

Small cube/rectangular vase/Square tank vase

With all square or rectangular shaped vases, the stems of the flowers tend to fall into the corners unless a large amount of material is used. Some of the best flowers for these vases are hydrangeas or roses, or any flowers with larger heads. Make sure you cut the stems short and pack them tightly together.

How to clean a vase?

Always make sure that your vases are scrupulously clean before adding flowers. A good wash with hot water and regular washing-up liquid will do. 

How to make flowers last longer in a vase

+ Use good clippers and give your stems a fresh cut before putting them in water. 
+ Always clean your stems from all leaves - no leaves are allowed under water as these will rot and feed bacteria to the water and shorten the lifespan of your flowers. 
+ Refresh your vase water regularly, preferably daily. This is way more effective than adding any chemical flower food.
+ Keep your arrangements out of direct sunlight.

Best way to store vases

There’s no right or wrong way to storage vases (other than maybe keep away from the kids?!) I like to keep my favourite vases on display, both for the aesthetic and for easy access. 

"I like to keep my favourite vases on display, both for the aesthetic and for easy access." 

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