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What is B Corp?

B Corp is a certification that assesses holistically the company’s environmental and social performance, far beyond the product level. It is awarded to companies that meet the highest standards in terms of social and environmental accountability. A company must first complete the B Impact Assessment (BIA) to become B Corp certified. The assessment looks into 5 categories: governance, community, workers, environment, and customers. The company is awarded the B Corp certification if the company's score reaches 80 points and above (out of 200) after the verification process.

Besides being a certification, B Corp is also a movement, a vision, and a legal commitment for companies willing to balance profit and purpose, building better businesses. Companies join the B Corp movement and form a community to be ahead of legislation, and to become a force for good and aim for excellence both for the people and the planet. In 2021 the B Corp movement represented 3500+ companies across industries and continents.


As of September 2022 Boozt host 9 brands that are certified B Corp:

Why are we getting 
B Corp Certified?

Why is Boozt committed to it?

To ensure Boozt's performance is meeting the highest standards in environmental and social accountability in our journey to become B Corp certified, we are making an effort to gain transparency and accountability.

Boozt's ambition is to become the first B Corp e-tailer in the Nordics. You can read more about our goals on the Boozt Group website.