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The ultimate gift guide 
for all occasions

Whether it’s a special gift for the bride and groom, your best friend’s birthday, or the graduation of a family member, whoever you are shopping for, our ultimate gift guide will help you buy the best present for every occasion. Shopping has never been so easy.

Every occasion has its own requirements so it’s important to choose a gift relevant for the type of occasion. When you think about giving a gift to someone, you must consider lots of things like the occasion of a party, the age of the receiver, what they love, your budget and more. Here’s how to shop for the ultimate gift.

What to buy as a wedding gift

If you’re searching for the perfect wedding gift to give upcoming nuptials, you must remember that your wedding present is a token of love and well wishes for the couple marrying and it can be as big or as small as you can afford. Whatever the size and price, it’s always nice to choose a gift they truly want or need and a gift that they will hold on to and love forever. Think about what they like or do not like as a couple. Is it cooking, entertaining, gardening? The couple’s passion will guide you towards how you can shop for them. It’s important to find something that they both appreciate and preferably something they can share or experience together. So, from bedding, to pots and pans, wine glasses, vases, cutlery and more something for the home is sure to make them happy.

What to buy for a graduation

For many, the graduation is the start of adulthood, perhaps even the start of life in their new home. So, you really need to think about what’s next for the graduate, what are they going on to do? Whether it be to further their education, start a job or travel, you need to give a meaningful keepsake to mark the start of this adulthood. Maybe they are about to move out of home so classic gifts can be for the kitchen, bedroom, or home items to decorate a room, and with many options it can be hard to decide. Buying glassware, bar accessories, books, posters, and kitchenware will always make a great gift for the graduate. 

What to buy as a birthday gift

Birthday is a special day in everyone's life, so the most important thing to think about when buying a birthday gift is to make sure its personal. Make sure that you select a gift for a reason with their interest and passions in mind. If they love art and design a framed poster or a classic interior piece and decoration will make a great gift as will a coffee table book for the book lover, kitchen and dinnerware for the entertainer and vases, candles, and design classics for a those that love a touch of luxury.

What to buy the host or hostess

When you’ve been invited to a dinner party, most of the time its customary to bring a gift for the host or hostess as a way of showing gratitude for having made the shortlist of guests to attend. There’s an etiquette to picking the perfect gift and there are certain moments and methods for giving the gift that will help the host/hostess remember your kind gesture fondly. This type of gift could be something that they would use while entertaining or for the home in general. Things like candleholders, coasters, serving platters, dishes, scented candles, cheeseboards, coffee table books will always be gratefully received.

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