Mads Nørgaard

Heavy Recy Cotton Talulah - Cabas & Sacs en Toile

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détails du produit
  • Doublure intérieure: 100% recyclé coton
  • Équipement: 100% recyclé coton
  • Dustbag: Non
  • Dimensions: 37 x 42 x 8 cm
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About the brand
At Mads Norgaard-Copenhagen they are deeply in love with fashion and the changing of the times — and at the same time they also think that the western world is moving too fast at times.
 So — in order to slow things down a little, they are also in love with things that do not change, as long as they are fashionable.
 Thus, they take base in a core of fashionable classics and build their collections around that core.
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