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How to dress 
for every occasion

Whether you are going to a wedding, graduation, or birthday party we show you how to dress for the occasion with those added show-stopping extras.

Wedding guest

A wedding is usually a black-tie or white-tie event unless the bride and groom have decided on a theme which will be on the invite. Its best to avoid dressing in white, as that’s just for the bride. Put on the best dress you have and accessories according to the mood of the event. A knee-length dress is usually fine, but always go for a style that suits you, one that you feel good in and that flatters your body type. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than wearing a style that you don’t usually wear. The venue will guide you on your footwear too. If it’s a garden wedding, wedges are better than high heels, save those for indoor venues. Just make sure you are comfortable, even take a pair of ballet flats for the evening to avoid foot pain. Add as little or as many accessories as you feel is right for the outfit, and don’t forget a small bag for all those necessities.

Spring party

Just taking off those winter layers is enough to bring on a sense of occasion for spring party dressing. Once again it depends on the theme, whether its outside, casual or formal, these are key things to consider before you even start to add to clothing to your shopping cart. Think about what you already have in your wardrobe and whether you can up style it, adding one or two more items turning it into a complete outfit. If you’re starting fresh, the bottom line is choosing something that you not only feel amazing in, but that suits and fits you correctly. Dresses are a fail-safe as its one item, plus a jacket of course, but trouser suits, skirts and tops will also look great. Just add some amazing shoes and accessorise with bags and jewelry.


Birthdays are probably one of the easiest parties to dress up for, as often there is a theme. The only thing you must remember as a guest is not to steal the thunder of the birthday host/hostess. If there isn’t a theme, go for the dressy-casual look, a mid-length dress is always a winner, but so is a classic trouser or skirt and top combo. It also depends on the venue, if it’s a smart restaurant or bar, go towards the dressier option. You can still wear jeans, just wear with high heels and a smart top and jacket with statement jewelry.


Choose an outfit that is appropriate for the religious facility. These events are more conservative so it’s better to check its conventions before you choose your outfit. If you want to wear a skirt, its best to go for one below the knee, and tops with no back or shoulders visible. Stay away from low cut or clingy outfits as they can be offending in some places.

How to dress in white

It’s a tricky colour to wear, but when it comes to graduation it’s a necessary colour. If you like to keep things a little more causal, pair a little white dress with a leather jacket and flat shoes like loafers or sneakers. Keep it flowy and loose which is one of the most important things when it comes to wearing white. Avoid anything that is too tight and instead, opt for silhouettes that float away from the body. Get the basics right with nude-coloured underwear and finish with chunky jewelry or something more delicate and a small handbag. 

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