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Here’s how to incorporate it into your everyday look.

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4 ways to wear red

Here’s how to incorporate it into your everyday look.

It’s the statement-making colour of the season and whether you go for lipstick-red, burgundy, or cherry tones wearing this fiery, confident shade will instantly command attention not to mention give you energy when you wear it.

*Wear it head-to-toe

One way of wearing the colour is to go head-to-toe in it, and with red, you will be sure to leave a lasting impression. Whether you wear a striking dress or a skirt and an oversized cosy knit, wearing this standout colour from head to toe will be sure to get you noticed. Add contrast with a black bag and shoes.

*Break it up with black

Black and red are an ideal pairing as it's sophisticated and a great way to add a trend colour like this but in a subtler way. Pair a black leather pencil skirt with a bright red blouse and red heels for a glamorous yet playful look. Adding a black bag and sunglasses is a great way to tone down the red with accessories.

*Clash it

If you’re still not sure about going for all-out red, then go for a darker tone with burgundy instead. Not only will this richer hue pair perfectly with bright red, but it will also add a sophisticated feel that will tone down bright red. A winter coat in burgundy will make the red you’re wearing underneath a pop of colour rather than a focal point.

*Don’t forget the accessories

Shoes, bags, and boots are a great way to add a trend colour into your wardrobes without going for the whole look, particularly if it’s maybe not your colour. A pop of red as a bag will refresh not to mention add a statement to your outfit. Pairing a red high heel with jeans, instead of the usual black will certainly put a spring in your step. And, don’t forget you can always finish with a bright red lip!