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Here at Boozt we love to run, and over the years we’ve developed a pretty good sense for picking out quality running gear that looks great too. In this article, we take you through our favourite gear for the new season, going into detail about the features, benefits and performance of the items we consider to be our Hero products. Everybody needs a hero sometimes - read about our heroes to get some tips on what you should be looking for when shopping the new running range at Boozt.


As soon as you put on the Accel Comp Tights you will immediately notice the quality and durability of the PWX fabric. It’s soft on the skin and able to stretch in multiple directions without losing shape. Despite how light they feel, you’ll find that they are firm, grip the legs and stay in place consistently thanks to the stretchy jacquard waistband. They are also airy and breathable, designed to leave you feeling fresh and dry, even after some high-intensity drills. After running, you feel the benefits of the compression fit that these tights offer. They help to improve circulation when running so you have less fatigue and soreness the day after your run. Finally, the pocket on the thigh easily holds a phone and keys in place without any bouncing or noticeable movement, making it feel as though you aren’t carrying them at all. Built to enhance your comfort as well as your performance, we are confident in selecting 2XU’s Accel Comp Tights as one of our ‘Hero’ products.

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When first slipping on a pair of Cloud X, it’s immediately noticeable and surprising how lightweight they are, considering the amount of cushioning and support they provide. The distinctive-looking outsole is designed to cushion your feet softly on impact but then firm up and provide a solid base from which you can push off powerfully with each stride. The moulded heel cap locks your feet down to prevent any movement inside, while conforming nicely to the shape of your heel and achilles to create a super comfortable and stable fit. The upper fabric is strong and durable yet light, making the shoes feel incredibly supportive without restricting movement or making the shoe feel like it’s too slim. Made to be airy, the meshed fabric is super breathable and gives a light and minimalist sensation considering the amount of support it gives. There’s a reason On has become a popular choice in the running world and one of our ‘Hero’ products in such a short time.

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You’ll love Craft’s Pro Dry Nanoweight so much that you might just end up getting the short-sleeved version in anticipation of some warm weather runs. Made partly from recycled polyester, you can set off knowing you’ve made a conscious choice to wear a responsibly made garment. It feels light and soft on the skin and hugs the body without getting restrictive or too grippy. The design is impressive with low profile seams that prevent chafing while the meshed fabric contains around 13% elastane, giving it a nice firm stretch that allows for so much movement that it can be worn during workouts, too. In terms of performance, you’ll find the top super breathable and especially adept at wicking sweat away from the skin, leaving you fresh, dry and comfortable when you reach the end of your run. The ideal balance of comfort and performance, we are confident in selecting Craft’s Pro Dry Nanoweight LS as one of our ‘Hero’ products.

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The Asics Accelerate jacket makes all the difference between heading out for a bad weather run and staying home on the sofa. Fully waterproof and windproof, it boasts an impressive waterproof rating of 10,000 mm, thanks to its sealed seams and a storm flap designed to withstand harsh conditions out on the jogging path. It does this without impacting breathability, actively wicking moisture to keep you cool, dry and fresh underneath, even during intense runs. Made from a lightweight polyester weave, it is soft on the skin and impressively quiet compared to some jackets known to produce noise with each stride. It has thumb holes, knitted cuffs, and an adjustable hood to protect against the elements when needed, and the reflective details ensure that you’re seen at night for extra safety out on the roads. One chest and two waist pockets provide the finishing touches, making this light and durable outer as practical as it is technical. An essential item for just about every runner, we are confident in selecting the Asics Accelerate Jacket as one of our ‘Hero’ products.

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