7 ways to upgrade your stay home experience


Create an inspiring home office is easy when you know how. Whether you have a small corner or an entire room here’s how to turn your workspace into a creative environment you’ll want to spend time in.

1. Create a home office

Don’t forget a good work environment promotes good energy and motivation so whatever space you have to work in, make sure it’s not only functional but where you enjoy being in. 

Matching desks and other furniture in a room creates harmony and a peace of mind, so strive for a balance of beautiful and practical furniture. It’s not only the big things in your space that can make you feel good. Using lovely desk stationary is just as important. A luxury notebook or a weekly planner, will make being organised a pleasure. Always use a nice mug for your coffee or tea in the morning as it’s something you do every day, so you may as well drink out of something lovely. And don’t forget the rubbish. Do not let an ugly rubbish bin ruin an otherwise inspiring workspace. Whether it’s a jute basket or a stylish wire box, use something different to put your rubbish in.

2. Smart storage

Clutter is an instant mood crusher, so it’s time to get organised in your workspace as an overcrowded desk leads to an over-crowded mind and can decrease productivity. The little things can easily mess up your desk, so collect pencils, paper and various items in box containers, mugs and jars for a neater impression. Sort your technology into one trendy box. Think about your needs and what kind of storage solution is right for you whether that is a basket, drawer, boxes or files in different sizes and materials. Remember less is more when it comes to the things you choose to have on hand.

3. Choose a good chair

While the word computer chair may make you think of a swivel chair on wheels for a desk chair, it doesn’t have to be the case. Instead choose a chair that you think looks good, as well as being comfortable, whether its categorised as a desk chair or not. Don’t forget to add extra comfort with throws, cushions and blankets. Not only do they add another texture, but they will keep you warm when working from home.

4. Have good lighting

Dark nights and mornings can leave you miserable and with a less than sunny disposition. One of the easiest ways to add instant light and warmth to your home is with good lighting. When natural light is minimal, always use a desk lamp to avoid computer glare and add extra mood lighting with candles and fairy lights. They can literally be placed anywhere and will create a warm and cosy glow around your workspace.

6. Scent your room

Adding to your home’s visual landscape isn’t the only way to improve your home’s environment. Making it smell nice is just as important. Diffusers offer natural aromatherapy and help humidify the space, as do beautiful scented candles. Try ones with soothing lavender, spicy cinnamon or sweet vanilla to keep your rooms feeling inviting and to help boost your mood. There’s also no reason why you shouldn’t have your favourite fragrance on your desk too. A spritz in the afternoon is a great pick me up, especially when the fragrance has energizing notes of citrus and green.

5. Go green with plants and flowers

Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers displayed in a beautiful vase or a few small plants in pots, always add something green to your space to help keep you feeling calm and clean the air. Not only will they give you energy, but plants like a Snake Plant or a ZZ plant look lovely and are good at cleaning the air and are low maintenance.  

7. Surround yourself with the things you love

Style is not just about the way you dress it’s the way you live your life, so surround yourself with beautiful things and the things you love. Whether it’s with an ornament, a piece of art, an inspirational print, home accessories, or a plie of books, if they make you happy, you’ll enjoy being in the space. Especially when it comes to your workspace as you sit there for so many hours in the day, you may as well have something nice to look at.

How to look stylish working from home

1. Don’t let comfy mean frumpy. When you look professional you feel professional so you should always be stylishly pulled together and well-groomed.

2. Stay tuned into fashion trends. When you’re not in an office environment you can forget about style. When you look dated, people think your ideas are dated.

3. Boost your wardrobe with colour. Lift your mood and spirits with colour. You will feel more creative, confident and productive in brighter hues.

4. Pay attention to the waist up. You might be wearing jeans and slippers down below but make an effort with flattering styles and colours waist up for those video conference calls.

5. Have a jacket handy for those impromptu video calls. They instantly make you look professional.

6. Allow yourself a casual Friday outfit. Consider it as a dress down day, a day when you’re doing more admin and getting ready for the weekend. Allow yourself to wear a workout gear for a change.

7. Always make time for your hair and makeup. When you look good, you feel good, so a little blush, lipstick and mascara are all you need to freshen yourself up and look fabulous.

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