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Ski Season


Nobody enjoys being cold and wet in the mountains. So when you're planning what to wear on your ski holiday, following some basic principles on how to dress can help you to make the most of your trip. In this guide we will highlight why using a layering system and clothing made from high quality materials offers you the versatility to regulate your body temperature and manage moisture efficiently to ensure you stay warm, dry and comfortable all day on the slopes.





Wearing multiple layers is the best way to stay warm and comfortable and offers greater versatility than wearing a single heavy jacket. Here are the features and benefits of each layer and the main things to look out for when buying your ski outfit this year.




Made from a range of high performance fabrics such as merino wool or a polyester blend, a good baselayer provides warmth and maximises breathability. A baselayer efficiently wicks away sweat, preventing excess moisture from building up inside your outfit and making you cold. Designed to fit close to the body to maximise heat retention, a baselayer helps to regulate your body temperature and is fundamental to a good layering system.




The main source of warmth in the layering system, a good mid layer traps heat and helps to collect the moisture dispersed by your baselayer and push it further away from the skin. As well as providing you with insulation, a mid-layer adds versatility to your outfit as it can be easily removed or added to your layering system as your body temperature and the conditions change throughout the day.




Waterproof, windproof and breathable, a good outer layer keeps moisture out while simultaneously working with the base and mid layers to maximise breathability and regulate your body temperature to prevent overheating. Jackets with an especially high level of waterproofing will have sealed seams to prevent moisture getting in even in the harshest weather.