• Pasvorm: Casual/ Loose Fit
  • Materiaal: 100% katoen
  • Fijnwas op max. 30˚C
  • Lengte voorzijde: 59,5 cm
  • Lengte achterzijde: 67,5 cm
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Established in 2013, Ahlvar Gallery updates the iconic silk blouse for the urban woman. Combining fluid, everyday silk pieces with more traditional classics, Swedish designer and founder Frida Ahlvarsson seeks to redefine the notion of timeless dressing. Ahlvar Gallery makes rough and refined pieces for the rebellious strong woman. The collection contains contemporary design with traditional classics. Staying forever true to our refined classic silk blouse. Styling should be easy and uncomplicated. Choose the obvious that you can wear day and night for a lifetime. Be proud of the timeless and appreciate the certain. Reflect what’s important in life and spend time on things that matter.

Ahlvar Gallery

Gigi over shirt - Navel shirts

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