• Normaal
  • Bovenlaag: 100% leer
  • Boven voering: 100% wol
  • Buitenzool: 100% natural crepe
  • Pasvorm: Normaal
  • Simpel doch charmant design
  • Stylish and practical
  • Gefabriceerd in Portugal
About the brand
Angulus' story begins in 1904 at a shoemaker’s workshop in Copenhagen. In 1928 the shoemaker’s son turns the shoe business upside down with the ergonomic Angulus shoe. Today it is still important for Angulus that the shoes are elegant, fantastic to wear and designed for everyday wear. In 2012, Angulus won the prestigious ”Junior Magazine Design Award” – due to Angulus’ unique way of combining fit and design.


Boots - flat - with velcro - Laarzen

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Kleur:1262/1168/1589 CAMEL/TAN/COGNA

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