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  • Breed
  • Bovenlaag: 100% leer
  • Boven voering: 100% wol, tex
  • Binnenzool: 100% wol
  • Middenzool: 100% latex
  • Buitenzool: 100% natural crepe
  • Waterbestendig
  • Klittenbandsluiting
  • Gefabriceerd in Portugal
  • Uitneembare binnenzool
Product informatie


About the brand
Over the past 56 years ArautoRAP, or just RAP as it is more commonly known, has established itself as a pioneer in the new generation of accessible quality footwear for children. RAP is dedicated to good design, high quality and pushing themselves to developing new ideas that create a strong link between traditional craftsmanship and future aesthetics.

Arauto RAP

Tex Boot with velcro - Laarzen



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